• Mark Fraser

The Rock-Itt band Comp Final @ DYRSL. June 2005

The final Sunday night in the inaugural Rock-Itt Band comp, and the beers are flowing freely (thanks Johnny boy). A healthy crowd is on board, and theres a couple of thousand bucks up for grabs for our four finalists...

The final Sunday night in the inauguralRock-Itt Band comp, and the beers are flowing freely (thanks Johnny boy). A healthy crowd is on board, and theres a couple of thousand bucks up for grabs for our four finalists. Piano Get Small kicked butt in the heats, and tonight they are obviously fully fired to impress with their unique, Twin Peaks meets Radiohead type moodscapes. A nice merger of experimentation, feedback and carefully filled space, they really are a gnarly drug to behold at times.

Less is more as those sweet lookin Jaguars pump the emotion into the emptiness, rolling from haunting, riveting soundscaping to manically frightening, fully fledged frenziesa bizzaro contrast that works so well.

A lot louder than my last encounter, its intense from the very start, as it all stretches out to the furtherest edge, before winding right back in. Troubled airs, epic journeys that entrance, intrigue and occasionally explode in your face leaving you dazed and confusedin a beautiful kind of way. The Solution completely nailed their heat, and tonight, their unassuming charm, good old rock sensibilities and piss-take attitude just all seem to come together once again from the word go.

Good evening Dee Why and were away no qualms, no shit...just straight up your vein rock! Feelgood, blood pumpin energy just oozes from these guys. Sure theres the obvious Grinners influences there, but tonight its The Solution who own centre stage. All the attitude. All the feelgood. All the oomph!

Rock stance, rock sound, rock hardwith enough tongue in cheek to keep it all a little special as the full frontal assaults sweep you up, kick you in the nuts and laugh hysterically as they ravage your very essence. Thats rock and roll!

Energy plus, high octane rhythms, all the necessities, the perfect rock God frontman, and as tight as the proverbial. Rock n fucken rollyou said it guys! Bagster are another one of those bands that leave an indelible stamp on your brain from the very first encounter. Theyve got a hard act to follow tonight, but they know how to throw it all together with that blend of semi-ska-ed, brass-etched rock that they do so well.

Big bold, brass riddled balls that come wrapped in a five way package that ramrods with its own incessant energy and in-your-face rock deviations.

Plenty of punch all the way, with some cool dropouts. Tight as and professional to boot, these guys know how to put on a show as they squeeze out every last inch of that sweaty, mega-brassed musicarama.

Ratatat brass-laced rock that sweats, threatens, deviates in its own affable way, and then sticks it to ya! Dance yourself stupid and then some!

Its my first encounter with final act Stage, and with what has already gone down beforehand, they are gonna really need to pull a big arsed rabbit out of the hat to come up trumps tonight.

Gentleman rock that perhaps needs a little more oomph to counteract the energy weve been subjected to tonight. These guys are proficient musically, but its cheese and chalk as far as presentation goes on this occasion.

Funkola bass riffs that swim around a groove-a-matic mix of sounds in a kind of lackadaisical way.

Late night moodscapes that are perfect for that cocktail lounge kick back situation but need a little more gusto to knock out their predecessors.

A brief deliberation and its on to the honours list, with Stage taking out fourth place and two hundred bucks, Piano Get Small cop $350 for third place, Bagster score runners up and bag $600, leaving the mighty Solution to take out first prize and a thousand bucks to boot.

Well done all bands, a huge thanks to John McGee and DY RSL, and an almighty big pat on the back for the mega efforts of the Rock-Itts hard kicking Editor and comp organiser Pete Johnson. Good shit PJ keep it up big fella! And thanks for the Rockitt fuel..hic! Mark Fraser - redbackrock.com

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