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The Red Hot Summer Tour. Mt. Penang, Kariong. March 8, 2019

Suzi Quatro

Must say, I’ve never been to a gig where you bring your own chair. More of a Carols in the Domain type of scenario, but today it was the flavour of the day. And I must say it’s nice not being the oldest punter in the house.

Arrived midway through Moving Pictures ho hum MOR kinda thing. Not my cuppa but they seemed to arouse the early crew.

The obligatory What About Me and Bustin Loose have the old schoolers lovin’ it.

Billy Thorpe’s Most People I Know...gets an impressive makeover but the rest is all a bit vanilla for these ears.

Rain on. Rain off. And that’s how it goes most of the day.

One hit wonders Chocolate Starfish are on fire, dragging the 90s into the new millennium.

Gave them no credence in the past, but man did they turn my head around today.

Energy, passion and just one hell of a fucking great time. Charismatic front guy Adam Thompson is in his element, making it hard not to get caught up in their frenzied way.

Four Non Blonde’s What’s Up gets an extended makeover as it all turns into a crowd singalong party in the rain. And no Starfish set would be complete without Your So Vain’s barbed rendition. Loved every minute.

Chocolate Starfish- Pic: Mark Fraser

Jon Stevens kicks it off with Reach Out for all the yummy mummies salivating up front.

He’s an entertainer plus, and whether you enjoy his music or not, he pulls it off pretty damn well. Stage ownership. Tick!

No Lies keeps the masses happy. Stevens once fronted INXS, so it stands to reason we get a triple shot of What You Need, Kick and Dont Change. And of course the crowd goes nuts.

Greatest hits medleys are the thing of the day and JS doesn’t stray too far from the formula.

Screaming Jets.... Newcastle’s finest noisemakers. Volume goes up a dozen notches and Dave Gleeson is in his element. Punch in the head rock n roll plus.

He’s cocky and crude and that’s his MO. Some Trump small talk stuff and Eve of Destruction is sounding crankingly good after so many mid strength beers.

Better’s a no brainer and as the piss begins to sink into all the once a year punters, it gets mighty entertaining out on the field.

Baby Animals’ second single Rush You sets the pace, before Suze D dons the guitar for One Word’s catchy seduction.

Having achieved true rock chick status over the years, today she doesn’t disappoint.

Early Warning’s jagged riffs take it all home beautifully.

Excited to catch The Angels. It’s been a long time between drinks and this is my first encounter post-Doc, with Dave Gleeson up front.

And I have to say right off, he carries the flag graciously, with all respect duly given.

After the rain..I ain’t the One...No secrets... it’s an Angels smorgasbord of all the classics.

Same as, but different. The Brewster brothers are right where they need to be and still pump it out as tight and nonchalantly as ever.

The Angels

It’s rock o clock says DG...And Am I ever Gonna See Your Face... ensures that crowd catch cry participation is compulsory.

Marseille is still a fuel injected classic...Shadow boxer...Take a Long Line...all killer. Nouveau Angels still rock...and squeeze the shit out of every note until it lays bloodied and lifeless on the floor. Awesome.

Suzi Quatro smashes straight into it with The Wild One.

Loving the limelight, she still packs a punch for someone a hair’s sniff away from 70.

Tired of Waiting is more pop than rock...and clean as on this occasion.

“Thank you...hello everybody...”as Dario from Baby Animals jumps in to play bass so Suzi Q can croon an awesome version of Stumblin’ In with none other than Mr Dave Gleeson himself... and he with a massive smile from ear to ear, is obviously loving every minute of it.

No soul No Control is the title of the new SQ album and tonight’s delivery of the title track is a rock heavy jolt with plenty of ‘tude. At 69, she’s still got the true rock credence.

She’s in Love With You’s softer seduction is equally at home with tonight’s rock pellets.

Hard to believe she’s been doing it for 55 years, but the proof is in the rock pudding as tonight’s set shows.

Neil Young’s Keep On Rockin in the Free World gets an epic double denim work over.

Obligatory band intro (all Oz on this occasion) some band solos al a chunk a chunk...and the NY song goes on.

SQ jumps on the drums and it’s back to 1973, as Can the Can gets the leftover crowd going nuts.

Devil Gate Drive keeps the retro rock flowing. Acoustic guitar sending it down a more country road on this occasion.

If You Cant Give Me Love takes us back to 1978...mellow mellow. Honky tonk keys rock it out again with Sweet lidl Rock N Roller. And that ladies and germs is that.

She can still smash the bass, work the crowd and continues to dish out old school rock n roll that you’d be proud to introduce your grandies to.

Mark Fraser- redbackrock.com

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