• Mark Fraser

Stranglers & Ruts DC. Enmore Theatre Feb 2018

Not knowing much about Ruts DC, apart from the overdose death of their original singer Malcolm Owen in 1980, tonight was a whole new learning curve.

RUTS DC. Enmore Theatre Sydney 2018. Pic: Mark Fraser

Proof that being old can still be cool, the Ruts pumped out tight, precise renditions of their 40 year catalogue, including the classic Babylon's Burning....crowd singalong compuslory...

Connecting beautifully as a three piece and driven by that animated and incisive back end (awesome to watch), this was a very cool encounter.

With prime position in the Enmore pit, the excitement built post-Ruts and as soon as they struck that first chord, The Stranglers owned every minute of tonight's show.

That trademark bass, soaring keys...nobody does it like these guys.

JJ Burnel. The Stranglers live Sydney 2018. Pic: Mark Fraser

Billed as the Classic Collection tour, tonight didn't disappoint...The Raven, Nice N Sleazy, Golden Brown, No More Heroes, Strange Little Girl...all true classics in their own right.

No Hugh, but Baz's vox and guitar skills are more than a match.

Sure, JJ Burnel may be the only true original member, but that mattered not to the predominantly over 50s crowd who were soaking up every infectious note of tonight's retro offering.

Needless to say, I left bedraggled with a huge jagged smile and that drilling trademark bass buzzing in my ears...Brilliant!

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