• Mark Fraser

Stiff Little Fingers, Scabz, Black Heart Breakers @ The Metro Sydney-23.2.2018

It's been many moons since I've trodden these dark Sydney Metro stairs. But when its for a band that had major influences on your early music efforts, then its really a no brainer.

Black Heart Breakers have been getting a lot of kudos lately and catching them for the first time tonight, its not hard to see why.

Sweaty, hairy, blitzkrieg rock that would do any Ramones fan proud. Seared guitarnage. Rapid fire. Energy overload. Love em.

Scabz were up next and if you can get past the eccentric facials and awkward poses of their lead singer, you can appreciate some mighty fine drumming and some spiffy all- girl rock nuggets.

Stiff Little Fingers have been doing it since the early days of punk and their Irish punkesque charm has not wained one iota.

This is the band that inspired the name of my very first band with their debut single Suspect Device, so copping this live and fiery tonight was kinda special.

Nobody's Hero was just one of tonight's killer setlist, as they throttled their way through the likes of Wasted Life, Barbed Wire love, At the Edge and Tin Soldiers.

And when the encore includes Johnny Was, Gotta Getaway and Alternative Ulster, you know you've gotten your money's worth.

Fast, sweaty, Irish punk in all its timeless glory. Hanx!

Mark Fraser- redbackrock.com

Video and images- MF

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